Maple Green Digital Technologies Ltd, is a Canadian IT Solutions company focusing on Cloud Enabled Solutions & development in Real Time Tax Collection Systems, Retail, Restaurant, Grocery, Delivery Suites, Telecom Communication Systems, Financial & Mobile Applications with various delivery models. MapleGreen & its associates have more than 25 years' entrepreneurial experience in Fintech, Telecom & ICT with 50 plus employees globally.

 Our real time tax collection systems provide a robust solution connecting all the complex entities under one platform which enables the availablity of the funds almost immediately. 
We are in here today as there are very few Cloud based solutions in the Global market who can address multiple segments under one platform with easy scability.  Our Retail-Restaurant-Grocery-Delivery Suites will provide a complete end-to-end low cost solution with easy on-boarding.  Combined with Integrated Payment solutions offering Real time operational data for customers with analytics. Our solutions will greatly reduce CAPEX requirements for every customer. 

Our Telecom software Products' is designed to help Communications' Service Providers to deliver digital  innovative, profitable products at a lower cost and in less time.   Furthermore, our products are scalable, modular comprehensive  and easy to use. Our experience enables us to continuously provide best in class sales support and educational training for all customers including enterprises.  

Maple Green Digital Technologies Ltd, will deliver solutions globally with innovation. We are open to Investors, JV partnerships.